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Heating of the bottom-hole area

The task of bottom-hole area heating is urgent and actual since oil with high content of solid hydrocarbons is specified by high freezing point and viscosity, and it requires higher power consumption for oil production. In this connection the main problem of  downhole equipment is its increased wearihng process due to abnormal operating conditions, and it results in premature failure of downhole equipment.

Another problem of high-viscosity oil production is low oil recoverability factor that leads to use of expensive  downhole equipment.

While developing oilfields with high viscosity and waxy oils, it is confirmed that the most efficient way is  heating of bottom-hole area by means of Bottom-Hole Area Heating Unit.

The unique development of NEFTESERVICE LLC is the Bottom-Hole Area Heating Unit. It is installed on the shank of the tubing for  perforation interval, heats the borehole fluid coming from the reservoir at 20-70°C, which reduces the viscosity of the liquid, facilitates  operation of submersible equipment, increases the flow rate and the overhaul period of the well.

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